Friday, November 4, 2011


So yesterday while I was cleaning the house the phone rang and I noticed it was our agency calling. Our licensing specialist wanted to know if we would be willing to wait until January to begin the PS-MAPP classes! Are you kidding me? I have practically been counting down the days until we officially start this amazing journey and now you want me to wait? Apparently they have 45 people signed up for this set of classes and that is just too many. Understandably there are some who have to be in these classes because they are doing kinship care but when we first met with our specialist we were told we were only the 4th people registered for the classes. According to me that should put us at the top of the list. I pleaded with her to let us stay in these classes, we have all of our paperwork submitted, we have talked to our family and friends and we are ready and anxious! The next set of classes don't start until January and they would be on Thursday nights. That was a deal breaker right there. Our kids play sports and I know it would just be impossible to work around their schedules. I hated being difficult, I understand the situation they are in and normally I would just go with it but I really wanted in these classes! So, I stood up for myself-not an easy thing to do and I hope I am not going to be listed as the "uncooperative" one but at the same time I better learn to be strong if I am going to enter this crazy world of foster care. I feel a little bad about that but oh well, 3 more days!! I am very excited, our family is supportive and I hope the next 6 months fly by so we can welcome a sweet little baby into our home!