Friday, July 27, 2012


Before today I knew Turtle had another court date in August but I didn't know when. After the last court hearing in June his GAL had said the hearing was set for August but he couldn't recall the exact date. I was assuming it was mid month since that would be 60 days from the last one. I was secretly hoping not to know the actual date thinking maybe I would just cruise through the day none the wiser as to what was happening. At least that way I could avoid the anxious days leading up to court. Mr. Caseworker visited today and I just had to ask when it was and he surprised me by saying the 30th! I am excited to have another month with my sweet boy, but I really wish things would move faster so our Turtle could find his forever family. As much as I want to "save" him, I know that we are not his forever. I love him dearly, I will not even think about the day we will have to say good bye. I am desperately hoping bio dads rights will be terminated and the judge will have mercy on this sweet boy and give him the forever family he deserves. Mr. Caseworker will start the adoption "red file" process now to hopefully persuade the judge that there is a forever family waiting for him. I pray that if adoption is the answer that his adoptive parents will want to continue a relationship with us. I guess I am hoping for a lot, but I want nothing but the best for him.

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