Friday, May 10, 2013

Update #3

This is the last one, I promise!

Our licensing agency has some rules about the # of kids, bio and foster, under certain ages that you can have in your home at the same time. Since my daughter turned 12 in February I knew we would be able to take in another child (no more than 5 kids under age 12). I finally worked up the nerve to talk to my husband about my brilliant idea at a restaurant we always seem to go to when we have to discuss something foster related, not on purpose it just seems to work out this way! I know he was hesitant but we both agreed that when Turtle left and after we took a little break, then we could think about taking in siblings. When everything went wrong with Turtle's move I kind of resolved myself to knowing that we weren't going to get a break for awhile so what the heck why not take in another? Honestly it was a little more than that, it was a serious nagging feeling that just wouldn't go away. I knew (even if my husband didn't!) that we needed to accept another placement. While my husband was on a short business trip I scoured craigslist and found a beautiful crib for a steal so of course I had to go get it, you know just in case. I called our licensing worker to let her know we were ready to be put on the list. We were (ok, I was)  willing to accept a girl between 0-6 months. She assured me it could take a few weeks for a placement, so I faxed in our placement profile and went about my day. Literally 2 hours later at 5:00 on the dot, my agency called asking if we could take a 3 month old little girl. I of course said yes but I was freaking out! I had just finished confessing to my husband about buying the crib and even said, "don't worry, there won't be any little surprises when you come home!" How the heck was I going to explain this one? This all sounds so sneaky, but I promise I did not mean for it to all go down this way! If I have learned anything from our journey through fosterland it is to always expect the unexpected, that and leaning on my faith. I know God has a plan for each of his children, the timing of everything proves just that. I don't know why our little Bunny girl is supposed to be here but she is and we are loving (almost) every minute of it!

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