Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So the mountains of paperwork and the "to do list" grow bigger and bigger. I am excited to actually be doing something though. I don't want to just sit around and wait for classes to begin, at least I feel like I am accomplishing something. When our licensing specialist came out she gave us a stack of forms to fill out including a family profile, individual forms for me, my hubby, and our kids. Today my oldest and I checked some things off the list. We were fingerprinted and had our criminal declaration sheets notarized. I was going to stop by the agency to drop off what we had done but ended up across town getting our fingerprints done so I will stop by on Friday and hopefully by then I will have my husbands paperwork ready to drop off too. It is so fun to watch my husband doing things to prepare our home for our licensing inspection. I don't know that he is excited but he is fully supportive and thinking of everything that we need to do. We bought a shed last weekend so he can move his gas cans and other dangerous things out of the garage. Our biggest project will probably be cleaning out the garage, although it is not a requirement it will sure be nice to get it done! Other than that we just have a few simple things to do that we probably should have done anyways. It is not as bad as people might think it is but I am pretty organized and tidy already so I am sure that helps. I began filling out our family profile, there are a ton of questions to answer and really make you reflect on how you deal with different situations. I am so thankful for my family, I feel blessed to have such loving, supportive people around me. You can't help but be grateful knowing that there are others, especially children who have never experienced this love before. When I tell people that we are beginning this process they all have the same reaction which is "I could never do that, it would be too hard to give them back!" I know it will be hard, but I want to focus on the love and safety that I can give a child while they are in my home. Nothing about this is going to be easy, except loving on a baby-that I can do!

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