Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I just met with the placement coordinator from our agency, it was really a simple meeting just going over the ages of the children we are willing to accept and some other details. She had mentioned that she wished she had come last week because she had 6 calls for newborns. She wanted to know when we would be willing to take our first placement and I said right now, we are ready! She is going back to her office to submit our names for 2 of the kids right now. I sincerely doubt we will hear anything about those kiddos but I am glad she knows that we are waiting. So glad to know that we are finally on the vacancy list and can accept a placement. I know that this will be life changing for my family. I hope that I wont be overwhelmed and will still be able to meet every ones needs. A lot of people are counting on me! I just feel so grateful for my family and especially my husband who really didn't want any part of this but knew how important it was to me and has been 100% supportive, he is even a little excited too even if he wont admit it! So now we wait a little more, but this time its for real!

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