Thursday, March 29, 2012


When we picked up our little guy I could tell right away that he was having respiratory issues. Most of my own kids have suffered from this and it was easy to see. CW told me he has had pneumonia and rsv, poor little guy! After getting him home we quickly tested his pulse ox, he was getting enough oxygen but having to work so hard to get it. I started him on breathing treatments but by morning I told my hubby I was taking him to the ER. It's a good thing I did, Drummer ended up having bronchitis and double ear infections. I am so glad they didn't have to admit him and I was able to bring him home and love on him some more! We are doing treatments every 4 hours trying to get him cleared up, almost a week later he is doing better but still not completely recovered. I emailed CW Sunday night and basically said he was too sick to be moved anywhere and that with my experience with these kind of issues it was best if he stay put. Not bad for my first go at all this, I love this little guy and I am not letting him go that easily. After a talk with her supervisor, CW agreed to let him stay until he is better so that when he is moved he can go into daycare. Say what?! First I was super excited that Drummer gets to stay but then I wondered if anyone realizes how sick this little boy really is. This is the third or fourth time in 6 months that he has had respiratory issues, he cannot go into daycare! Every time he gets sick it will more than likely go straight to his lungs and he will require a week or two of around the clock treatments. Nothing against the other foster mom but he seriously needs to be in a home where he can get the care that he really needs. I met with his GAL yesterday, expressed my serious concerns about having him moved but I don't know if I was taken serious or not. It is obvious how happy he is here, and for our first placement he has been a dream! I have been told absolutely nothing about his case. I think because I am still looked at as a temporary placement that I am being kept in the dark. Apparently there is a court hearing tomorrow. I tried to pry info out of the GAL but he wouldn't budge other than the fact that "mom just isn't getting it". I just looked up his parents online, don't know if that was particularly smart they look a little scary! I still didn't find out anymore except when they had been arrested and that Buddha looks more like his mom. Honestly, I really don't want to know much, I don't think it affects us in any way. My job is to love this little boy, and keep him safe, that's easy!

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