Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I really wish I was a better blogger! I have been so busy, it's amazing I even get to breathe! So much has happened the last few weeks, I wish I had blogged as we went along but this is as good as it is going to get I'm afraid. I love the foster blog world, I have gained so much by reading what other foster moms are doing and what to expect now that we've entered into this crazy world we call foster care. So to catch up, little Drummer has moved on and we have a new little boy we'll call Turtle. I wish it were that simple buy it's been hard. Last week I finally met with Drummer's new CW, I was all prepared with 2 doctors notes saying it was inadvisable to move him at this time to a place where he would be in daycare. I was confident I could plead my case and in the end do what was best for him. After my little spiel, CW calmly says "we'd like to move him this week." The foster mom who has his sister apparently only works part time and Drummer would only be in day care maybe once a week. Why couldn't anyone say that up front? I have fought for 3 weeks for this little boy for no reason. I am relieved that he won't need to be in day care but frustrated by everyone involved. Now that we have a date set for transferring him on Friday, I am so sad. I knew it would be hard but this is brutal! It is amazing how quickly you become attached to these kids. I know I did the absolute best for him, I can't dwell on him leaving but rather focus on hopefully the good that came from him being here in our home. I have so much to say I will have to continue the saga in another post! More to come.........

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