Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I have learned so many lessons these last few weeks that I will have to devote a post to just that, lessons learned. The first is never, ever, agree to help transfer your foster child to a new placement. I honestly thought I was doing what I was supposed to, being helpful and kind but I will file this one away as what not to do. The transfer went well and I am glad that I got a chance to meet and talk with the new foster mom but as I drove the 30 minutes to our meeting place I felt as if I was driving to my death. It was seriously a form of cruel and unusual punishment. I imagine if you've ever driven a pet to the pound or the vet to be put to sleep it felt a ot like that. It truly was awful and something I don't think I can go through again. The new mom is nice, grandmotherly and kind. I really don't think she is prepared for a baby, she didn't know how the car seat went in or that he needed to face backwards. She bought size 5 diapers because she was told he is 5 months old. Granted it's been awhile for her but really this isn't helping me. I emotionally said goodbye and immediately went for some retail therapy to get my mind off things, there was no way I could go home to an empty house to start putting baby things away. On my way home I called our placement coordinator to let her know that Drummer had left our home and that we were open for another placement. Silly me, I should have known better!

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