Friday, April 20, 2012


I have no shame in the fact that I use WIC for my foster babies. At least while they are on formula it is a huge help. I would rather spend my money on clothes and toys and spoiling them silly anyways. The other day I had an appointment set up for Turtle but found out that the former foster mom had already gotten checks for April so unless she returned the checks to WIC or gave us the formula then we were out of luck. The lady at our WIC office really went out of her way to help us and I could tell she felt really bad that she couldn't do anything for us. I assured her it wasn't a big deal, I can buy him formula and food. She went all the way to the state level trying to help! Apparently former foster mom already used the checks for the month and told the state WIC supervisor that Turtle had already gone through his formula. 7 cans in 2 weeks, I highly doubt that, I don't think he even goes through one entire can in a week. I really could care less about it, I am just really upset that someone involved in foster care who is supposed to be doing the absolute best for these kids can be like that. The formula is his, not hers. When Drummer left I sent all his food and the 9 brand new outfits that my agency had given him. The way I see it, it belongs to him not me. I guess not everyone is in foster care for the right reasons.

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