Saturday, April 21, 2012

Super Doc!

Yesterday we had an appointment with Turtle's pediatrician. I purposely drove 45 minutes out of my way so that we could visit with the pediatrician that he has seen since birth. It was so worth it. As foster moms we don't usually get to know much if any medical history about our kiddos. It was super important for us to see this particular doctor since she had a huge role in him being court ordered to be removed from his former foster home. Everyone in the office commented on how happy he was, that they had never seen him laugh, or talk that he was usually in a stroller crying. So sad that my boy wasn't getting loved on as much as he deserved. The pediatrician filled me in on some of the issues and I could tell she was very glad and somewhat relieved to see that she did the right thing, she even expressed how hard it was to get involved. I am so, so glad that there are good doctors out there who will fight for these kids too, she is awesome! My little Turtle is changing like crazy, still working on clapping, his fine motor skills are a little lacking but he's gonna do it , I promise! He is a super happy baby, loves all the attention he is getting, loves to laugh, and loves to yell! He definitely wants everyone to know that he is in the room! We are so blessed to be able to love on him, I love seeing how much these babies change in just the first few days of having them in our home. It just goes to show what a whole lotta love and attention will do!

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